Amsterdam is beautiful. And from the water Amsterdam is wonderful!

We, Reinhard and Miloe are the founders and owners of the historic saloon launch boat company “Rederij De Jordaan”.
We have been cruising through the Amsterdam canals for years. We started in 2000 with a 12 foot aluminum boat. Later we bought a slightly larger boat: a century-old iron fishing boat, called SPRING. In 2008 we got married in Amsterdam on a large private saloon boat “het Wapen van Amsterdam” on the Amsterdam canals.

When we spotted a saloon boat we always told each other: “If we ever retire, we will buy one and have a quiet whiskey cruising through the canals.” Last year when the opportunity arose to start a canal cruise business for ourselves, we thought, “Why not make many people happy with trips through the canals of Amsterdam?”

We have lived in De Jordaan since 1998. First in the Raamstraat, then in the Rozenstraat and since 2013, the most beautiful spot in the Jordaan at the Egelantiersgracht, a few houses beyond cafe ‘t Smalle.

Our eldest daughter Welmoed was born in Rozenstraat and our second daughter Farahilde, and our son Adriaan were born at the Egelantiersgracht.
We have named our saloon boats after them. The Welmoed, a saloon cruiser from 1932 and Farahilde, a slender notary 1908 boat, one of the oldest, smallest and most beautiful saloon boats in Amsterdam.

Special saloon boat event: Amsterdam Light Festival

At Canal Cruises Rederij De Jordaan you can hire a private boat with a captain for your Wedding, Anniversary, Business Event, Hen Party, Bachelorette Party and Happy Hour Cruise.

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