Wedding Cruise Amsterdam

Arrive in style at your own wedding with the notary boat Farahilde. Many Amsterdam wedding venues are located on or near the water (think of the Stopera, the Amstelveld, etc).
Give your wedding an extra stylish and romantic start by gliding over the water, clearly visible to all those who will welcome you on the side!

The saloon boat Farahilde has been called a little bonbon by a passer-by, and that’s exactly how this little boat appears. The creamy white and high teak wooden structure is a truly sophisticated mode of transport for your wedding day. We can take you through the city to your wedding location and afterwards to the celebration venue and Hotel. We want to make your wedding as memorable as possible and can do this by decorating the Farahilde with flowers, ribbons and balloons or whichever decorations you choose. We aim to provide you with the best cruise possible for your special day!

Would you also like to sail on a classic saloon boat through the Amsterdam canals on your wedding day? Contact us to make arrangements and view the boat +31 6 5024 3236.

At Canal Cruises Rederij De Jordaan you can hire a private boat with a captain for your Wedding, Anniversary, Business Event, Hen Party, Bachelorette Party and Happy Hour Cruise.

salon boat wedding
salon boat wedding party
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