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2 Dec 2021 – 23 Jan 2022
* 1700-18.30 hrs (5pm-6.30pm)
* 19.00-20.30 uur (7pm-8.30pm)
* 21.00 – 22.30 uur (9pm-10.30pm)

1-8 passengers: EUR 260,- + EUR 20 pp for: salon boat hire, incl VAT, incl finger food, incl contribution Light Fest, incl non alcoholic drinks (alcoholic drinks are charged extra)

Alcoholic drinks, per bottle: (cava, prosecco, white wine, red wine, = EUR 25,-); (bottle of beer = EUR 3,00).

Start / Boarding Point: on the waterside in front of hotel Waldorf Astoria, Herengracht 542
(close to nice bars en restaurants in the: Utrechtsestraat)

call captain Ryan: +31650243236

The Amsterdam Light Festival Boat Tour from the 2nd of Dec 2021 until 23rd of January 2022 offers a great opportunity to enjoy a private cruise on the canals of Amsterdam in a heated classic Amsterdam saloon boat. Amsterdam lights up with sculptures, projections and colourful light installations made by artists from all over the world. The Water Colors Boat Tour takes you along the lit up Artis Zoo area, Eastern Dockslands, and the Amstel River. The show of the Amsterdam Light Festival starts at 17.00 and closes at 23.00.
Book your private salon boat now !

* hire your own private salon boat “Welmoed” (from 1932)
* luxurious & heated
* 1 – 8 passengers

Impressions Amsterdam Light Festival 2015-2016:
Youtube Amsterdam Light Festival 2015-2016

call captain Ryan: +31650243236

Light Festival Amsterdam

Amsterdam Light Festival