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3rd of  June, 2024

Amsterdam Saloonboat Fleet is requesting to be placed on World Heritage List

The Amsterdam based charity foundation  “SalonVloot” wants UNESCO to help protect the endangered Historic Saloon boats in the already protected Amsterdam Canal area.

The City of Amsterdam feels pressured by the European Union to introduce a lottery system for all commercial boats including historic ones (from before the 2nd world war). By revoking all operation-licenses the city would like to reign in the supposed bustle and nuisances of tourism and at same time retaining a level playing field for new operators. However, according to EU law, one can also make exceptions.

Reinhard Spronk, chairman of the charity: “Historic Amsterdam is a city built on water; monuments on land are protected, and monuments on the water are to be thrown into a tombola !”.

Upkeep on a historic -electric powered- saloonboat and operating to pay for it, is a lifestyle-job. We are not requesting any subsidies. What we want is to be able to continue doing our historic cruises, so we can make the money, as small family businesses, to maintain and safeguard our maritime heritage for the generations to come. Preservation-by-using-it is the key to sustainably keep and protect our historic saloonboat fleet and to guarantee continuity.

Amsterdam 750 years

Coming year Amsterdam will celebrate her 750th anniversary as a city. A fine year for the Amsterdam historic saloonboat fleet to be officially protected and recognized by the World.

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Note for the editor 

More info on our website or contact mr. Reinhard Spronk, Chairman “stichting Amsterdamsche SalonVloot” (charity foundation Amsterdam historic saloon boat fleet).

Best regards, Reinhard Spronk, +31650243236


private historic boat company “Rederij De Jordaan”
Reinhard Spronk (captain), Miloe van Bodegraven (captain singer)
tel +31650243236

Egelantiersgracht 18- C

e-mail:, telephone: +31 6 5024 3236

all photos are free of rights.

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